How To Accelerate, Automate & Amplify Your Network Marketing Business, With New Cutting Edge A.I. Tools

In the fast-paced world of business, the AI revolution is not just knocking at the door - it's already inside the room. Understanding and leveraging AI isn't a luxury anymore, it's a survival necessity. Those who overlook this critical shift risk falling behind, losing competitive edge, and being left in the dust by those who adapt.

You have heard about AI everywhere and you can't ignore it anymore...


Discover the Secrets of How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in your Network Marketing Business

Are you ready to take your network marketing business to new heights?

Join us for the groundbreaking AI-Powered Network Marketing Seminar, where you'll discover the perfect blend of cutting-edge AI technology and proven network marketing strategies.

You have heard about AI everywhere and you can't ignore it anymore....

In This All-New MasterClass, You’ll Learn How To Use Powerful New A.I. Tools To Help You…

  • What's working now in the world of AI, and what to avoid?

  • 6 Ways that you can use ChatGPT to save you time & make even more money

  • 12 Ways that you can use ChatGPT for Social Media Marketing

  • 3 AI/ChatGTP hacks that can cut your workload by at least 8 hrs/week

  • How to Target your unique prospect niche and attract your team

  • Create impactful videos, blog posts, and other content

  • Write marketing copy that gets the attention of your ideal prospect/customer

  • The TOP 5 must do, and the top 5 pitfalls

  • Help more people, sell more, and much more…

Are you ready to take your MLM / Network Marketing business to the next level? 

Are you curious about how AI / ChatGPT can help you prospect, follow up, generate leads, and build your team more effectively?

Join our live 2-hour training masterclass featuring two experts, one on MLM and the other on AI. They will guide you through the process of using AI tools to grow your MLM business, from lead generation to team building and everything in between.

In this masterclass, you will learn the secrets of using AI to automate your marketing and sales processes, freeing up more time to focus on what matters most - building relationships with your prospects and team members. 

You'll discover how to use AI / ChatGPT to identify high-quality leads, personalize your outreach, and improve your conversion rates.

Our expert on MLM will teach you why you need to leverage the power of AI / ChatGPT in your MLM business, sharing real-world examples and proven strategies. 

You'll learn how to build your team more efficiently, manage your time effectively, and scale your business for long-term success.

Our expert on AI / ChatGPT will take you through the technical aspects of using AI in your MLM business, explaining complex concepts in a way that's easy to understand. 

You'll learn about the latest AI tools and how to use them to streamline your marketing and sales processes, reduce your workload, and increase your productivity.

This masterclass is perfect for anyone who wants to take their MLM business to the next level with AI. 

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced MLM marketer, you'll find value in this training. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from two experts in the industry and transform your business. 

Here's the undeniable reality... (straight up...)

Half of Traditional Network Marketers Will Disappear Within the Next 12 Months, While the Rest of Us Will Be Celebrating Success!

You see, a major transformation is on the horizon.

Tools like AI & ChatGPT is just the beginning of the automation tidal wave that's fast approaching (with over 100,000,000 users already).

For those of us who embrace these AI smart technologies and keep our gaze fixed on what's coming next, this is an exhilarating time because we can see the opportunities unfolding.

A wealth of possibilities is headed our way...

On the other hand, anxiety is creeping in for those who haven't caught on yet, and understandably so. Many economists predict that within the next five years, AI robots and software will replace at least 50% of jobs. … and it's not just limited to fast-food workers.

No offense intended, I know you've put in the effort to become leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs, but hard work alone just won't cut it anymore.

The example it: Just a few years ago the farmer with a plow and an ox simply can't compete against a farmer with a tractor or a combine, regardless of the effort they put in. That's just the way it is.

Ultimately, AI tools are what will empower us and leave our competitors at a disadvantage.

You're Already Behind, So Stop Playing Catch-Up and Get Ahead of the Game...

As the iconic hockey player Wayne Gretzky once said, "I don't chase the puck like everyone else; I go where the puck is going to be…"

If your have have heard or use tools like ChatGPT, your mind will be blown when you discover the plethora of other options available in today's market. With over 400 generative AI tools at your disposal, you'll have an unparalleled advantage over countless competitors.

… and the number of new tools being released is growing every day.

Remember, these tools aren't humans – they still require human input to function. Most people don't know how to combine these technologies, tailor them to their specific needs, or build profitable business models using them.

That's precisely why we've created this summit

Your Instructors

John Malott

Author, Speaker & Network Marketing Veteran

With over 29 years of experience in various industries and a deep commitment to helping others achieve their goals,

John brings a unique set of skills and insights to the table. He has a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs navigate difficult challenges, overcome limiting beliefs, and achieve greater success in their personal and professional lives.

Whether you are looking to improve your leadership skills, build stronger relationships, or simply find greater fulfillment in life. His expertise and passion will guide you every step of the way. With a focus on empathy, authenticity, and results-driven strategies,

He strives to empower you to become your best self and achieve your dreams. Let me

John will help you unlock your true potential and take your business to new heights!

Andy "AI-Andy" Broadaway

Multi Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Strategic Advisor

Andy Broadaway is an accomplished author, publisher, sought-after speaker, and business strategist with a keen interest in artificial intelligence. With over 18 years of experience working alongside world-class speakers, business leaders, athletes, A-list actors, and musicians, Andy brings a unique perspective to tackling problems and creating new opportunities using AI.

As an avid learner and master of new skills, Andy has written nine best-selling books on a wide range of topics, including AI and its applications in various fields.

With his extensive knowledge and experience in AI, Andy has helped his clients harness the power of AI to enhance & automate their business and find additional income streams. He is an expert in creating and marketing great AI-driven content for digital and traditional mediums, having devised successful strategies for some of the biggest names in business and entertainment to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

He believes that AI can play a crucial role in business. As an AI advocate, Andy has inspired countless clients to use AI to create stronger ties with their audiences while creating new streams of income, allowing them to make even bigger impacts on the world and their own lives.

What's AI and why should I care?

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to computer systems or software that can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, and understanding language. In the context of network marketing, AI can be a powerful tool to help you streamline your business processes, improve customer engagement, and enhance decision-making.

Here's a few ways how AI can be applied to your network marketing business:

  • Content generation: AI-powered content creation tools can help you develop engaging marketing materials, such as social media posts, emails, and blog articles, that are tailored to your audience's interests and preferences.

  • Automation: AI can automate repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails or managing your contact list, allowing you to focus on high-value activities like relationship building and personal development.

  • Lead generation: AI can help you find and attract potential customers by identifying the best prospects based on their online behavior, interests, and demographics. This ensures that your marketing efforts are targeted at the right audience, leading to better conversion rates

  • Social media management: AI-driven tools can assist you in managing your social media presence by scheduling posts, monitoring engagement, and suggesting the most effective content for your target audience. This helps you maintain a consistent brand presence and engage with your audience more effectively.

  • Team collaboration: AI-driven communication and project management tools can help you streamline your network marketing team's collaboration, keeping everyone on the same page and working towards common goals.

In this exclusive, one-of-a-kind seminar, you'll learn:

  • The power of AI in boosting your network marketing success: Discover how artificial intelligence can help you automate tasks, analyze data, and uncover hidden growth opportunities in your business.

  • How to make the most of AI-generated content to captivate, educate, and inspire your audience, leading to higher conversion rates and long-lasting connections.

  • Proven tactics to build an AI-enhanced dream team that boosts collaboration and unlocks the full potential

    of your network.

  • Real-life examples of how network marketers can leverage, activate & integrated AI into their businesses to achieve mind-blowing growth.

By attending this event, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to revolutionize your network marketing business, propelling your business towards unprecedented success. Don't miss this unique opportunity to get and stay ahead of the curve.

Secure your spot today and transform your network marketing business with the power of Artificial Intelligence!

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